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Martin Williamson

How it began

It all started from a very early age, armed with a pencil and whatever I could draw on (usually an old roll of wallpaper) I used to sit for hours dreaming up new He-Man and
Garbage Pail Kid characters.


Ideas about layout can be learned
and expanded upon. We can see what ideas work and what doesn’t, allowing us to skip previous mistakes and forge forward, treading on new ground in familiar shoes (or Adidas Allstars).

My Work

 As a designer my goal is to make people think. Whether through advertising, interactive media or brand, I aim to inspire both you and your clients.
When asked what it is that I do, my answer is "I make things look pretty".

Get in touch

If you are interested in acquiring my services grab my contact details and get in touch. Just click on the
Social Media icons above.

Alternatively, you can contact me on my mobile for a chat.

Making things look pretty

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